Jellyfish for download on Windows Store!

June 1st, 2012 von torsten

The ball is getting to roll for Jellyfish – Tentacle Debacle. From this moment on Microsoft is offering the Windows 8 Release Preview as ISO-Image for download, wish can easily burned under Windows 7 or XP and installed on almost every PC. At once with the release of the new Windows 8, the Windows-App-Store has opened. From now on numerous Apps are fighting for the attention of the users. Jellyfish has a pole position in this race and belongs to the very first game-apps wich can be downloaded in Windows Store. And this is for free!

Of course it’s not the full version of the game.

For now we want to cosset you with a brand new 3-lewvel-demo and whet the appetite for more. We hope for a high number of downloads and much feedback!


Windows 8 Release Preview

Jellyfish on Windows-Store

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