Jelly thrills the testers

March 1st, 2013 von torsten

Meanwhile many independend blogs have tested the Tentacle Debacle and list the game among the best Windows 8 apps. Jelly says: Thank you!

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Jellyfish now on ARM-devices!

February 7th, 2013 von torsten

Now the tiny Jellyfish is going to conquer the new ARM-Netbooks and Tablets like the Windows Surface with an extra programmed version of the game. Because of many optimizations the player can now enjoy wonderful underwater landscapes and the challenging game-physics of currents and tides on faintly mounted devices.


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gameplay-trailer released

November 1st, 2012 von torsten

More than 50.000 downloads for the free version and only few days untill the release of the final game! We want the game community to get its own impression about the gameplay and produced another trailer. Enjoy!

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New screenshots

October 13th, 2012 von torsten

More than 50.000 Gamers liked Jelly in the free Version. The full Version is now in the last phase of produktion. So we don’t cacher you actual screenshots that give you a closer look into the worlds you are going to face!

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Aaarrr, Pirates!

June 25th, 2012 von torsten

Just in time for the start of summer we provide you with new Jellyfish screenshots. This time they come from the waters of “Coral Garden”, which you allready know from the free demo version. A mysterious sunken pirate ship is the setting for further levels:

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Jellyfish for download on Windows Store!

June 1st, 2012 von torsten

The ball is getting to roll for Jellyfish – Tentacle Debacle. From this moment on Microsoft is offering the Windows 8 Release Preview as ISO-Image for download, wish can easily burned under Windows 7 or XP and installed on almost every PC. At once with the release of the new Windows 8, the Windows-App-Store has opened. From now on numerous Apps are fighting for the attention of the users. Jellyfish has a pole position in this race and belongs to the very first game-apps wich can be downloaded in Windows Store. And this is for free!

Of course it’s not the full version of the game.

For now we want to cosset you with a brand new 3-lewvel-demo and whet the appetite for more. We hope for a high number of downloads and much feedback!


Windows 8 Release Preview

Jellyfish on Windows-Store

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A small insight into the graphic details

May 4th, 2012 von torsten

Jellyfish caused sensation at CeBIT because of it’s extraordinary background graphics. For every single element of the beautiful cartoon-styled underwater landscapes is drawn by hand. How many details are hidden in the backgrounds… may only be seen at a closer look.

A.T.E provides a small insight into the background graphics trough the following photoshop-studies:


Picture 1 of 2

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First cinematic trailer online

April 10th, 2012 von torsten

Jelly is small, caring, not very smart and he has enemies. This you could read already on the startpage and spot in the screenshots. New is, that now you may meet Jelly in motion in his first cinematic trailer an YouTube. Everyone, who’s heart is not made of stone, has do feel pity:

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Ein Game für Windows 8!

March 19th, 2012 von admin

ATE Software, a german company, based in Frankfurt am Main, comes up with exclusive news: the first game exclusively for windows 8/metro from Germany!

Jelly, the jellyfish is small, hungry and defenseless. Amd he is the hero of a new game, developed in WinRT.

Designed as a metro-app and optimized for touch-handling of the upcoming generation of tablet pcs, „Jellyfish  – Tentacle Debacle“ drags us into a world of dreamy underwater landscapes, colorful coral reefs and dirty harbor waters. Surviving is all that counts, because Jellys life on the lower end of the food chain isn’t easy at all.

„Jellyfish –Tentacle Debacle!“ was conceived as humorous casual game and impresses with beautiful cartoon-graphics and hair-raising skill-challenges.

Join Jelly in his fight for survival: Swim with him against currents and avoid collision with baffles. Go with him on the hunt for plankton and protect him and his offspring against the monsters of the deep. Not until the circle of life is perfected and new jellyfishes greet the light of the day, our hero may continue his journey to new waters.

„Jellyfish –Tentacle Debacle!“ was shown with great echo as a three-level-alpha-demo on CeBIT 2012 and will be released as downloadable app on windows store at late summer.

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